Screel Hill, Auchencairn Scotland.

"Scotland has the most unequal distribution of land in western Europe. In a country of over 19 million acres, over 16 million acres is privately owned rural land. Two-thirds of this land is owned by 1252 landowners, (0.025% of the population). And these estates are extremely large. One quarter of the privately owned rural land is in estates of 30,700 acres and larger, owned by just 66 landowners"  (Wightman:1999).

I lived illegally on a Scottish mountain for 12 months questioning the landownership situation in Scotland.

For part of my stay I lived on top of a local mountain in a prototype polyethene  tipi, Native American design, equipped with large oil lamps.

The beacon could be seen from local villages and towns miles away in an attempt to make my homelessness as obvious and open as possible.

I stayed at the summit for a month discussing my landless predicament, with a curious hill walkers and stray sheep, eventually leaving the hill owing to the stress of high winds and Forestry Commission wardens.

Thereafter I was known as "Hiawatha" in the local pub.