A performance
Lake Sognsvann, Oslo Norway
Journey was made during a during a year of homelessness and search for somewhere to live and breathe.
I lived and worked illegally for ten days and nights on a frozen lake, working with a traditional ice saw to cut a free-floating raft out of its metre-thick ice.
The Journey was the making of the raft and would end when the raft broke free.
I had the naïve notion that perhaps the temporary architecture of the space might somehow navigate round the law of having to move on every 48 hours. It didn't.
After 5 days I was told to leave immediately by Kommune Politi, On the final day, the same officer returned halting the performance within hours of the raft breaking free, over concerns for public safety, threatening arrest if I impeded him or the other two officers present from disposing of my gear.
In return for doing the work of clearing camp myself they allowed me to stay and capture footage of the rafts final movement.
In the months leading up to Journey, I camped in the forest around Oslo with some Polish and Czech job seekers. 

We attempted to build a winter cabin, abandoning the build after discovery by the same local authorities.