According to Bardo Thodol, The Tibetan Book of The Dead. Life and death are a continuous flow of uncertain transitional states. During the death bardo, the deceased's body is kept at home for 49 days, and read texts from the Thodol to facilitate their transition into the next life. Only when their mind no longer recognizes its true nature can it move on to the next.

Mise en scene. 

The labyrinthian depository of all journeys. An endless hoard of the archetypal units of production and consumption, from senseless plunder of natural resources, energy, and souls. Stacked to the sky, but never high enough, ghosts in the machine, asleep at the wheel. As immaterial as the market that possesses and exhausts them. Skin encapsulated egos, self-driven toward climatic destruction, and the final transition of their home into a tomb. 


Materials: charcoal on paper.