No more protest.



 I initially thought of making the smallest protest I could in protest at the general futility of protests. Viewing it afterwards I started to see it as having a post-apocalyptic / post human feel. Maybe the ants having a sarcastic parody protest after we are all gone.

Fences for Shadows

Outdoor installation

Regulating shade in public spaces. I had been in east Jerusalem and the west bank, highly regulated spaces. After witnessing the Kafkaesque rings that the Palestinians had to run round and jump through to please their Israeli occupiers I was surprised that the shade on the streets during the hot midday sun wasnt regulated also. I see it as a piece that could be anywhere where there is a shadow cast by the midday sun.

Ant Body

video piece

close up of an ant crawling over a body, just following the ant over all parts of the body but, close enough shot  so that the viewer can only guess for the most part which part of the body the ant is traversing